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Looking for a white background, PHOTOSHOOT booth for Car Show

  • Hello members, I'm looking for an all white, side, and back booth to do car shoots and photos. I've been looking around, can't seem to find any...maybe I'm searching it incorrectly.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @CrazyDoug17 You mean basically a big white box to park the car in and take pics? I just started doing custom props, so maybe i could help you out.

  • @CrazyDoug17 It's nice of Foxunitone to offer, but I should just point out there are a number of green screen mods that can probably do exactly what you're looking for, if you have minimal video editing experience. If you know how to edit textures you could probably import one of them and manually change the color to white.

    Another alternative: you could possibly use a trainer, and the game's native image filters to put yourself, or object into an all white environment. So there are a number of possible solutions to your problem at hand

  • @Foxunitone Man if you could do that that would be awesome. I am looking for a big white box mainly to do car reviews, like in this video


  • @CrazyDoug17 Okay I will set up some boxes in a DLC. So you can spawn the box and then spawn the car inside or however lol. I just need a few hours to whip it all up yar.


    I wouldn't mind having this too :pray_tone2:

    With maybe the option to change out the color of the insides via a simple exture edit?

    I'd say the most important aspect of it all is applying correct shaders for reflections and ground shadows

  • @CrazyDoug17 Here is my hasty little DLC. You can change the texture from white to anything. I set the walls and all to have a simple even glow. Only the floor has collision. I can add to the walls if you need. Just let me know what changes you would need. Its a BIG box. @ReNNie I can do a version for you if you need one.

    Download https://filebin.net/b6w0hxb7jo5juztb

    Add the following to your DLC list:


    Spawn the prop with any trainer that searches by name. Search for:


    Only the FLOOR has collision.

  • Hmmm it may be better for the camera if the walls also have collision. I dont know, this is like a first draft I guess. I will make changes when you let me know what else you need.

    Also check out my custom props and train tests if interested. I am hoping to finish and release all this soon.

  • @Foxunitone Dude you are a diamond.

    When I get home later today, I shall test it out. For the cinematic car reviews I do on GTA this would be SOOOO handy, especially if you had a few lights in their to mess around with Shades and darker points. This could be handy for photographers too. Thank you. I'll keep you posted

  • @CrazyDoug17 Yeah I noticed the lighting inside is not so great. WIth suggestion I can add light sources in the model.

  • @Foxunitone Hmmm, I wonder if it's possible to add lights just beneath the back wall or walls, so they are not visible, but they somehow perhaps, illuminate in the backround against the wall. Because, I could really play around with that.

    Do you reckon it's possible to do a rotator in the middle so it turns the car around, a bit like in the casino, that rotatory system that rotates the car slowly? 🤔

    I have a feeling this mod will help a lot of film makers.

  • @Foxunitone I like that you keep easy to change color, green wall would be useful for people friendly with photoshop to make some real sh*t photoshoots of vehicle models :heart_eyes_cat: Would test it also next days for sure

  • @ArmaniAdnr I believe theirs green "Ultimate green screen"... it's pretty good to be fair. Although I find them to be better for photoshoots as opposed to Cinematic moving shoots....but it may be that I'm just a non with green screens 🤣

  • @CrazyDoug17 I was thinking a big dome instead of a big box might help the light to even.... But I will try to add some light in the model. When I get home later I will experiment and drop the updates here. Hmmm a rotation like the Casino would be useful also. I will see what all we can come up with.

  • @Foxunitone Your post just reminded me that I've been trying to figure out how to get a platform to rotate ever since I saw the spinning LTD ball at the gas station across from my mod. Kind of gave up on it while working on other stuff. Hadn't dawned on me to check out the Casino files to see how R* did it there, because I could never find anything about that LTD ball to copy how they did it. I'm probably going to mess with that some this weekend, will share anything I find or come up with.

  • @CrazyDoug17 Here is a dome concept. The disappearing flicker is from not having wall collision. But its good enough for concept. More verts would be smoother walls but more draw on the game itself. But this is very low poly so It COULD be made much smoother.

    Here is link: https://filebin.net/mh2xefkdp1xn68wj

    Let me know what you think.


    looking at that content.xml I don't think it'll show up ingame any time soon ... kitsunetrains

  • @ReNNie It used to be my custom props and trains and ymaps/citye DLC before I seperated them all. It still loads fine for testing on mine like it is. But I dont know, I havent tried sharing it before. If anyone gets it to load let me know.


    couldn't find it when I no-clipped, maybe got a ingame screenshot location?
    even tried completely re-doing the dlcpack
    placing at the FM5 showroom location, with a manifest and all, addondome

  • @ReNNie I didnt set a ymap location or anything for it, I just used a trainer to spawn by name p_photobox. Then used map editor to move it around and then walked around in it. I can get a quick vid though.


    Ahhhhh that explains it :P not a MapEditor user

  • @ReNNie I dont like map editor lol. But I use it to get coordinates. And to place my objects to convert the data to ymap. But I dont spawn anything using Map editor. I will record a video real fast of what I mean.

  • @ReNNie @CrazyDoug17 Here is the video of me testing the dome. After placing it like I do, you could convert that to a ymap in the dlc.

    Here is my video testing several of my custom props in the same folder that I stripped down to just the photobox.

    These were all placed the same way at first, but then converted to work with ytyp, _manifest and ymap in the same dlc.

  • @Foxunitone said in Looking for a white background, PHOTOSHOOT booth for Car Show:

    @ReNNie I dont like map editor lol. But I use it to get coordinates. And to place my objects to convert the data to ymap. But I dont spawn anything using Map editor. I will record a video real fast of what I mean.

    Have you tried using CodeWalker for that use? IMO it's easier to use than Map Editor.

  • @chonkie Ive been trying to figure out codewalker because it would be worlds easier for attaching my effects parts, but I havent found any tuts on some of what I need. And Im repeatedly ignored when I ask questions on the discord for it. So this is what I know to do for now.

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