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Looking for a white background, PHOTOSHOOT booth for Car Show

  • @ReNNie @CrazyDoug17 I completely redid a fresh DLC, and went ahead and made Ymap also . All you have to do is add the DLC, its in the readme. Then load the game normal and go to the airstrip in the desert. You will see the dome example there. If anyone is interested in having me go further with this let me know. If not, good luck guys and somebody with more experience will probably come along.



    @Foxunitone AWESOME!
    I'll be checking this out for sure and report back

    Funny you mention the airstrip, that was also the location that sprung to mind at my end

    For the exterior I was thinking maybe a camouflage tent cloth look so it doesn't look out of place there

  • @ReNNie Hmmm I could probably do somthing like that yeah.. I will try again after work.



    "we have a BINGO!"

    as the dome has no collision you do get the occasional shadows from overhead birds
    and wheels aren't touching the floor btw
    other than that, this is turning out just great, where is the OP at?

    another idea might be to make the dome wall use another texture from the floor
    and both using seamless tiles repeated per panel, instead of the texture just being stretched out

    imagine being flexible and able to use a texture like this
    so that the floor can be rough concrete or more garage-like smooth coated
    (all depending on the shot) with the dome wall itself being plain white or something

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @ReNNie


    You just say bingo. :P

  • @ReNNie I will adjust the floor collision when I get home tonight. I can separate the floor texture also. I also need to adjust the BB so it wont disappear at certain angles. Yes I dont know where the OP went. But hopefully this will be more stable by the time he returns lol.

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