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What are the exact differences between 3, 4 and 5 stars? are there any other files besides dispatch.meta that determinate difficulty between each star?

  • In unmodified dispatch.meta the only differences I could find between 4 and 5 stars for example, are a bit higher wanted radius, a bit longer evasion timer and 1 more boat.

    If anyone can help me with it, it will really help a ton

  • 3 stars = No NOOSE, Police is armoured.
    4 stars = NOOSE First arrival
    5 stars = Aggressive AI at its finest (you be lucky to experience this as i cant survive 3 stars without dying)

    There is dispatchtuning.ymt but its decrypted.

    Also, if you are in pursuit mode then you will see roadblocks, riot vans and other stuff but for a rampage player or simply interior combat situations, wanted level cops are pretty weak. Rare NOOSE, No Snipers and special units, its how Rockstar designed their wanted levels and Police AI.

  • @Iamamazingthxlol2 thank you. will try to take a look on dispatchtuning, there is wantedtuning too but it's less difference I guess. Is there any way to open .ymt files at the moment without taking from other mods?

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