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some questions about gta v redux.

    1. can I play with this mode in online without getting banned?
    2. is it worth to play with it on my pc (playing at ~60fps with good graphics)?
      MSI R9-280X Gaming OC
      8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 ram.

  • @orma If you use the mods folder, you can play online.
    Your Processor, i5 4590 3.7 GHz will be a little problem. if you like, buy a processor which can overclock, along with another 8 GB RAM.
    I don't know much about RADEON cards' performance, but you will need more than 3GB memory to play with ultra settings.
    And Redux is definitely not worth using, because:

    1. It's unrealistic.
    2. It uses stolen data from popular mods.

  • @orma I have nearly the same specs and my game has 30-40 fps. That's ok for me because REDUX gives you not only great graphics, especially the nights I haven't seen in other mods so beautiful dark and realistic. It adds also a good driving simulation (a compromise between vanilla and @Killatomate 's Realistic Driving mod), new weapon sound/ behaviour, different traffic amounts according the time of the day, and and and. Maybe REDUX has stolen mods, but he succeeded in providing a cool package of great enhancements. So, it's your decision.
    I don't know if its allowed in Online mode. I think not, because it changes gameplay aspects.

  • @Marcel2015 Night time looks perfect, nobody's arguing with that. I tried it, my FPS stayed around 58-60 when using Redux.
    Still, I hate it because it's basically a compilation of mods which are uploaded without the owners' permission.
    @orma You cannot play online with Redux, but you can play online without it by using the mods folder.

  • @Akila_Reigns That's true. Josh could have been asking the mod creators for permission. So, I understand your feelings, especially if it had been my mod he'd stolen.

  • ok thanks for the answers.
    if i can't play with it online i guess i will not install it because most of the time i play online.

  • @Akila_Reigns unrealistic? Redux has the most realistic core.ypt & static smoke thats out now. Highest res explosions oit there.

    & SOME maybe MOST of it is stolen.
    Not all.

    @OP Its best to open it with winzip & look at the files yourself. I personally use a bunch of redux fx.dat values into my already modded files & my game has never looked better.

  • @Weirdoutworld It has some good stuff, but I didn't like the timecycle. It's too bluish for me.

  • @Akila_Reigns yea, your right about that.

  • I have a question. I want to remove the files from the REDUX oiv that effect graphics, textures and lighting and just leave the base files for physics for the cars, cops and other non graphical related stuff so i can just use visualv. which files would i remove?

  • @Silentghost Hopefully you used a mods folder.

    Try to install redux, then install visualV after. See if it launches & plays.

    All of the modded textures (street, vegetation ect...) are in the x64(letter).rpf files. I would delete all of them then see if it launches & plays.

    If it dosent work just delete your mods folder & start over. No loss.

  • @Weirdoutworld doesn't Redux install in the main folder?
    So i would delete x64a to x64w from the main folder then copy paste the vanilla x64's from my mods folder to the main folder?

  • @Silentghost in your main directory, make a new folder called mods then double click the redux OIV, select install then select to install to mods folder. Always use a mods folder that way you can keep your main files safe to prevent having to reinstall the game if things go wrong. But yes. You can TRY to delete x64a-w in your mods folder after you install redux, then visualV. You will have all redux files with VisualV graphics & no new textures.

    In theory.

  • I actually want to use this mod without using 140GB of total space - so I want to overwrite the default files. I never play online anyway.
    Does anyone know how to do this? I have had no luck so far.
    I tried:

    1. Installing everything per instructions - then moved content from mods folder to game folder
    2. Installing it to the game folder and not even making a mods folder. But this folder was made by itself.

    Essentially I want a 70gb GTA V Redux! Hope someone can help!

  • @olivierhacking If you're using a legit version of the game, it will always overwrite the files in the main folder if it finds any have been modified. The only way to prevent that is to use a mods folder.

  • @LeeC2202 I do have the legit version, and indeed it immediately wanted to install updates. Could you or anyone else please suggest how I could get this mod running without doubling the install size?

  • @olivierhacking You can't, you have to use a mods folder.

  • @yeahhmonkey Ooops, sorry for my part... I didn't notice that I wasn't answering the OP. :(

  • Sorry about that. Will make a new post now.

  • @Weirdoutworld

    Do you know what files inside redux are used for the police behaviour, spawn style, times, police chases?.. i do not like/want the road textures and anything else from it...

  • @RYAN behaviors.xml, dispatch.meta, then any file thats under "ai" in common.rpf-data I would put the redux version into update.rpf-common-data... just so you can revert if you want to. Common.rpf can be your backup.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    just to make me clear... the files i need too rip-out are located inside common.RPF file BUT i need to put them inside the update.RPF file ? (:

    redux uses files in common.RPF & Original game uses them in update.RPF, right ? or you told me this only for the reverting part ? (:

    sorry but english is not my native language

  • @RYAN Whatever is in the update.rpf will overwrite the common.rpf.

    The decals.dat in update.rpf-common-data-effects will be used over the decals.dat in common.rpf-data-effects

  • @Weirdoutworld
    ty very much for the guidance

    locations and files positions differ too much to be made by manual modding... some files are not even rewritable

    too bad Delapidated--Realism is not working on 877... RDE was way better and more diverse !!

  • @RYAN yea, I just picked RDE apart & used some of its files. Actually, I prefer to use world of variety police files because I like a lot of cops. RDE 3 is comming! Cant wait to see that.

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