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some questions about gta v redux.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    does Delapidated--Realism have a site or forum thread where i can follow progress or maybe ask answerable questions ?

  • @RYAN not that I know of. Follow the RDE mod itself & the authors. Youll get a notification if anything changes.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    Finally got it too work... those optional add-ons were giving me headaches (:

    It's a piece of Masterpiece... way WAY better then the reSux. resux needs to get on stealing some more too get on Delapidated-RDE's level ((:

    All i need now is to get a realistic handling file/mod for all the cars in the game

    "Cruising" at full-speed with 180kph is too slow for me, i was used blazing thru cars at 300+kph ((:

    And too remember what was the name of that mod that made pilots jump from a falling/damaged helicopter and open the parachute !!

  • @RYAN that AI pilot eject mod sounds really cool! I want that!. You can use the engine & torque power multipliers in simple trainer. Super fast cars.

    You should install "real vehice damage" its amazing.

    For handling, im really not sure. I use some values that disable the traction control in bikes & the "go stuck yourself mud mod" for super realistic mud behavior.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    it is not AI pilot eject as in it does not ejects pilots

    the mod did this: if you have army helicopter chasing you (5*, whatever) and you shoot it once, the helicopter gets damaged but does not blow up on the rocket impact ... and that mod put parachutes on all peds that are drivers/pilots...

    once hit by 1 rocket they bail ( not eject ), just exit the heli, and after they dive a small distance, they pop the chute... looked so good, semi realistic, but still sooo good

    i can't remember the mod name... i had 30+ mods installed

    If you find the name of the mod... pls, for the love of babies (the cute ones), pls, tell me what name it has !!

    and about handling... if you find a good/ all vehicles ALL for 877 pls do tell me, ok buddy ?!?
    Resux is outdated and handling file cracks the game !!

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