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Lags after some playtime

  • Hi guys, I have this weird issue with my GTA V copy, I remember this annoying lags since forever, but it was not a thing since V went off in april 2015, thing is after some gameplay time game start lags, more I play more it do, I had pretty modded game, than deleted few scripts, try change options, etc, but it's still a thing, and actually it's absolutly annoying in term I don't like playing game anymore, I discovered also other games having this issue, in christmas I buyed a new graphics card but my core is still same Intel i5-4460 3.20ghz with my graphics Radeon RX 570 series, Iv got all drivers and shit, but for reason I changed from my older radeon card only graphics setting in MSAA from X2 -> x4 it's going on 40-30fps everything else apart from shadows are on highest which is obvious as it's year old pretty gaming graphic card, I deleted all scripts and everything but it's little lagging in vanilla game too, do you know this issue is there some solution ? Or proper name for this issue, as it's not lags in right terms, well it is but lagging should game from start not after play time. Thanks for help, hopefully theres gonna be some.

  • Is GTA the only game lagging? A few months ago, a Microsoft update starting causing some users to report having games and other media start lagging. Check in your TASK MANAGER the next time this starts to happen. Look in the list for "Microsoft Software Protection". If you see it using 20% or more memory and causing CPU usage spikes, it may be your culprit. Beyone that, I have no ideas if you already did a clean GTA install.

  • @NYC94 depends how much you have modded your game and what settings are you running. Try to monitor CPU usage, what I see is that CPU is more overheating during gta than GPU

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