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Garage/Workshop Prop Names?

  • Hi All
    Having a hard time finding the names of all garage and mechanic porps in the game
    if anyone know where to seach for them it would be awesome :nerd:

  • @fungus111 There's a good amount in x64a, x64c, x64f, x64h ... some in x64g, heck, they're all over the place, just look around. Type in simple words, like workbench or bench, lift, jack, tools, shelf or shelves, etc. in the search bar in OpenIV and that will bring up a lot from all over the place if it has that in the name, which most do.

    Another thing you could do is fly around in CodeWalker and find a garage with props you like, then select the props in CW to find out the info on them and where to find them. Could even make the map mod, if that's what you're doing, right there while in CW.

  • Chonkie, thank you i really appreciate it, gonna use codewalker :ok_hand:

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