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How to install GTA 5 Redux!!! (properly)

  • Im getting really annoyed of the people who don't read the read.me for the GTA 5 Redux mod, so here is a tutorial.
    Note This mod only works for pc and I dont think it will for mac either? Is GTA 5 even on mac? And also have a LEGAL copy of GTA 5.
    If you do not follow every step here, it may crash or not work at all!!!

    1. Copy Update and x64 folders to your mods folder, install common.rpf to your mods folder, copy x64a - x64w to your mods folder, if you do not have a mods folder make a folder and name it mods in you GTA 5 main directory.

    2. Open OpenIV and there should be a tool bar at the top, click on tools > ASI Manager and install the first 2.

    3. Open GTA 5 Redux archive and drop the OIV into a place you can find it easily.

    4. Go to OpenIV, click on tools at the top, package installer and install GTA 5 Redux oiv. AND PLS install it into your game folder!!!!!!!!

    5. Next, go to the website you downloaded Redux from and download the dayone patch. Drag the dayone patch oiv into a place you can find it. then go to OpenIV, tools, package installer, and install the dayone patch.

    6. Enjoy your stolen values

  • @bur587 Nice way to end the tutorial. 👍

  • @Akila_Reigns :)

  • Downloaded everything properly.

    1. opened tools > Package installer and opened the Redux file.
      I clicked on install and then chose - Install in GTA 5 Folder directly.
      But it's installing for 40 minutes!!!!!!
      But it keeps installing and my Disk goes to 100% in Task manager!
      I've no idea what to do.
      Please help

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