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Add-On cars can't detect

  • Hello there, I had some add-on cars in my gta and they worked perfectly, but than I downloaded this better gameconfig https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update. (I created a back up file of the previos cameconfig too).I tried to open the game, but the game stoped working in story mode loading screen every single time, so I decided to put the backed up cameconfig.rpf back. Than the game normally loaded, but I can't spawn any add-on cars anymore. Simple Trainer just can't detect any car. I tried to download the Addon Car Spawner, but It doesn't detect any cars neither. I checked my dlc patch and dlclist like 100 times. But there's everything okay. Any tips what to do?

    PS: Sorry for my english;)


    @SeMyCzE try type the model name into NT and not use the added cars menu

  • @Reacon I tried, but it writes "invalid car"..

  • @SeMyCzE What version of gta are you on? That gameconfig is old. Maybe you didn't back up the correct config. Just a guess. Did you try a gameconfig for the game version you are on? If not, then try a config for your version. Maybe provide more info like list of mods, screenshots of folders, etc.

  • @chonkie well, where can i find what version im on? btw is there any vanilla gameconfig what i can download? and the files are okay, i just replaced the gameconfig nothing more and everything worked perfectly before it

  • @SeMyCzE One way to find the version is to find GTALauncher.exe in windows explorer, right click on it, go to properties, then click the details tab. There you'll see the product version.

    You should still have the vanilla config if you are using a mods folder or the two copies of gta5 method.

  • @chonkie ye.. i'm so dumb, i totally forgot that i have the original files lol, so i replaced the modded files with the vanilla files and downloaded all the cars again, it works again, ty;)

  • @SeMyCzE Glad to hear you got your game back to modded. Just make sure next time you are installing a config for your game version.

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