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Ugly clouds in the sky

  • Hey guys. Please take a look at these two screenshots:


    First one is "fixed" clouds, they come with the weather (in this case Clouds)
    The second pic is "dynamic" clouds, they can be enabled in Clouds menu in Simple Trainer.

    FYI, I'm using NVR + VisualV's timecycle

    I'd like to:
    1- Change the appearance of the fixed clouds, they look pretty bad, it's just white stains in the sky
    2- Make the dynamic clouds (those in the second pic) appear more often and with greater variety, there are tons of different clouds but I never see them. They look beautiful in the game.

    Do you guys know which settings change these?

  • @guigh just try to use this

  • Actually I already use it. The problem is, they are rarely activated, I don't know why.

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