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I think I have too many vehicles installed/ causing delayed crashes

  • I am running the current version of Gta 5 from steam. And currently I am having no loading issues with Gta or the mods I am using. But I believe I have reached a point where there are too many cars in the game and eventually while playing the game will crash. Could be an hour of playing, could be 15min. I have IVPack, vanillaworks installed and I am using a gameconfig titled (for limitless vehicles) along with heap limit adjuster and pack file limit adjuster. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to prevent crashes. For the most part the game runs fine until it crashes.

  • @tropical-cuttlefish is mentioned all mods that you have installe? I think something is wrongly installed or you run your game on too high graphic options for your hardware components

  • @ArmaniAdnr thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention world of variety. but I tried lowering the resolution from 4096x2160 to 3840x2160 (its a big 4k tv for a monitor) and I was able to play around 2 and a half hrs with no crashes. I woulda tried longer but ran out of time today

  • @tropical-cuttlefish my opinion is that it's hardware problem - overheating GPU or CPU, mostly should be CPU overheating, try to monitor it by using any programs during playing. Game crash without any notification or error right?


    ^ rubbish sorry

    If the poolsizes in gameconfig.xml are increased beyond vanilla and you're loading extra dlcpacks, that only is enough to create instability

    add to that the fact most vehicles you probably are spawning have no LODS and a high polycount...

    there's your recipe for a crashing game anywhere between 5 mins and 2+ hrs

  • @ReNNie I agree, I've read up on the LODs and high poly. I was kinda quietly hoping the teams that made IVPack and VWE took that into consideration when they made the mods to help prevent crashes but I can't be sure.
    @ArmaniAdnr The temp monitoring program i have hasn't ever alerted me when playing and my gpu/cpu can handle quite a bit. And no errors that really tell me anything. Crash logs kind of a dead end too. but that one resolution change might have been enough for the game to at least run a few hours. Im gonna give it a long run later today to see if i can get it to crash

    Thanks for the info and advice so far!!

  • @tropical-cuttlefish try it and I think then it will be ok. The reason of overheating is mentioned high poly and alowing to usie more memory than you should be using and all this things which are connected to great models and mods helping you use a lot of mods.

    Anyway if you are not streaming I thinkh even every hour restart the game is pretty ok in exchange for ultra great looking game how you like it (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Thanks for the help, I haven't been noticing crashes recently so I guess its all good. I will be taking your advice and restarting the game every once in a while. How do I mark this as solved?

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