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GTA 5 dinput8 error not launching game! How to fix

  • Hi guys
    I have updated GTA V Script Hook V, and placed inside folder dll ScriptHookV and dinput8, when i'm going to launch the game is not appearing nothing! Game inside Task Manager remains fixed at 0.1MB and sometimes it says suspended then the writing disappears and reappears. I use mods folder containing update rpf and common rpf. But is not working how can i fix? I really need HELP PLEASE... I want a solution
    Sometimes when i edit update rpf or common rpf in mods folder the game does not consider modifications
    Game is non steam version but dvd original game updated 1.48

    And Menyoo Mod Menu not showing up

  • @Thunder_iT Most likely you need to get the version of Menyoo 1.1.0 from github. The version on the site here is old. If that isn't the case, provide more info.

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