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So I'm trying to add a livery to a car that has a weird issue.

  • I'm trying to add a livery for someone on a car that has no real livery. the Camaro Exorcist (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/hennessey-camaro-exorcist).

    The only two spots I can replace for liveries is the exorcist logo on the sides, but I'm trying to do a full body livery and when I try to add or replace the current liveries it just changes the stripe and exorcist logo on the left and right side of the car.

    I'm like super new to all this stuff and would really appreciate any help anyone can offer, I also apologize in advance if this has been posted somewhere else on the forums or otherwise but I've been looking for a few hours and only found how to replace other full body liveries such as PD liveries and such.



    @Gta5KoRn chose to not include a full body UV map but rather only the decals so you will not be able to create liveries for this car

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