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Story missions animations data

  • Please does anyone have idea what files and in what location are containing data for animations in missions froms story line? I want to edit it to fix animations of replaced vehicles. I think it's just some settings of used cameras or anything like that but I know, following photos is not problem of vehicles.meta coz I tested it also with vehicles.meta of vanilla vehicle.
    So problem should be somewhere else and of course, model work perfect out of mission animation, this glitches are only during animations of missions.

    0_1567414812657_Untitled _ - VEGAS Pro 14.0 9_2_2019 10_52_04 AM.jpg
    0_1567414820503_Grand Theft Auto V 9_1_2019 6_27_03 PM.jpg
    0_1567414829003_Grand Theft Auto V 9_1_2019 6_27_09 PM.jpg
    0_1567414836577_Grand Theft Auto V 9_1_2019 6_27_14 PM.jpg
    0_1567414845284_Grand Theft Auto V 9_1_2019 6_27_17 PM.jpg

  • You can't fix this, animation editing is not possible

  • @HeySlickThatsMe sh*t, that's not good :cry: thanks anyway :pray_tone3:


    they last two screenshots are god damn terrifying lol

  • You might be able to fix this.

    I will need to know more, but my first impression is positive.

    Several files could potentially hold the answer you are looking for.

    Im Jevi.

    Find me on Discord and we'll take a look at it.

    Have a nice day :0)

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