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Fully working Jeep CJ5 Renegade '76

  • Hey everyone experienced with models who opened this topic :pray_tone3:
    I'm giving up idea and looking for anyone experienced with converting and editing models to create Jeep for Trevor which would be fully compatible with all game assets.

    What does it mean:

    • need to be similar shape as original vanilla Trevor's car (bodhi2) coz of story line missions
      -- need to have space for sitting on the side of trunk not back seats, coz during missions Wade have special animation for hitting and crashing the vehicle. Even if he sit on top seats, his movement during little crashing is same as he was sitting in the trunk which look weird on seats (some kind of fall down)
      -- need to have no roof at all coz Trevor during one mission stand up on the driver seat, lean on the front window and speak during animation
    • need to have set up 4 seats places for peds from reson mentioned before with Wade
    • have to be compatible with animations to don't make Trevor or other peds sit somewhere in the air for example (not sure what is causing this but I think it would be position of model placed on the axis or anything like that maybe, just guessing)
    • opening all doors + trunk + bonnet
    • have engine, at least high quality photo if not 3D
    • working all basic game assets
      -- breakable glass
      -- mirrors reflection
      -- right damage and coveroffset
      -- dirtmap
      -- working dials
      -- breakable tyres
      -- working all ights and indicators
      -- bullet holes (I think that's all, maybe forgot anything)
    • HD+ interior and exterior

    I'm not moddeler, I learned yet just few things in Zmodeler, but I would help as much as I would be able, but need anyone who know to do most of these things. Things like for example compatibility with animations we may find out together how to do it, but base things around model, how to convert and edit it, you should know (: I would like this model for my GTA REAL project coz there is nothing enought good to replace Trevors jeep right now.

    I found the model which should be enought high poly and have the shapes we need, it's from Forza Horizon 3, but of course I'm open to use any other model.

    If anyone have enough time and is interesting for this I would be very happy to coop and make this model alive (: :pray_tone3:

  • Yeah the Bodhi is a tough replacement. Carface is working on a Jeep Gladiator and I believe there will be a option for replacing Trevor's Bodhi

    Here's the link. He is very meticulous about his models and will not release it till its to his liking.


    Otherwise, there is a Jeep CJ5 Renagade available on maniamods.ru but it does not fit your requirement of having rear barracks seating (it has a single bench seat) https://maniamods.ru/load/cars_for_gta_5/jeep/jeep_cj_5_1976_add_on_tuning_animated_template/845-1-0-5469

    Good luck with your hunt.

  • @TRDOffroad97 thanks a lot for this infos, I would test that CJ5 tomorrow but I really like that Carfaces model, would also register on the site tomorrow and contact her :pray_tone3:

  • No problem yeah that CJ is one of those cool mods that I try to keep in my game whenever I can. Maniamods.ru is a great secondary site for mods that don't appear on here and are HQ (99% of the time).

    Almost forgot would his FJ-40 fit your requirements for the bodhi slot? It has the seating layout you like, removable roof and has LOD's if memory serves me right.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • @TRDOffroad97 i think she is building it on bodhi basement using also that bear from extra so I think this is exactly what I'm looking for :pray_tone3:

  • This post is deleted!


    What's with the 'she'? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  • @ReNNie it's he? :face_palm_tone3: I don't know I first time hear about that nickname so I just repeat what I see :D

  • @ReNNie my bad sorry didin't realize that. Fixed my mistake.

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