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Bug in Story Mode FIB Mission in Sandy Shores

  • Hi Guys,

    might need some support on the story mode...
    ... wanted to play again in story mode, was focussing mostly on freaks missions, only playing main missions when nothing else was left.

    Now i am stuck in the desert... Got one of the FIB Mission, the one in Sandy Shores... doesnt start at all.
    Trevor and Michael have that "B" on the map (in matching colors). when i get there, no yellow circle in or outside the liquor store.

    It doesnt matter if i change clothes, or arrive by taxi. Also i made one lase Freaks Mission, then back to sandy shores... no effect.

    Anyone knows what it is about this mission to get started??

    I can upload a Screener if needed, in the Statistics it says i am at Mission No. 40.

    Thx in advance


  • @SirBlack79 did you customized liquor store? anything used in mission which is modded can cause this problem also any script can cause this problem, for example vehicle control script was my reason why mission bug and I wasnt able to continue or Michaels vehicle after replace was causing that after arriving to the place where I shoudl go, mission didn't continue etc.

  • installed single player garage

    Extra Singleplayer Garages

    and some other mod, where many many Buildings where made able to enter... already deleted that mods... but still dont work! :(


  • @SirBlack79 try to delete scripts - asi files from root folder

  • i got it solved... just removed all mods etc. copied back the original files and everything was fine... Thx anyway for your suggestions!!! ;)


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