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Replacement Cars

  • Does installing lots of "replace" cars, cause crashing in game?




    @ReNNie blunt, simple and straight to the point answer. i love it.

  • @bernalyggim @ReNNie I can't say it's causing crash if you replace everything right. It just make a little mistakes (if you do any) which you may normaly not notice, causing crash a game. I had about 80% of vehicles replaced (when was working in old pc with just normal graphic settings) and there was no crash for me. But yes, one wrong file or line in meta files can cause big problems if you have a lot of replaced cars. And of course I would say, if you use all models with file sizes as the original, it's totally not difference but also ingame that model would be not much nicer, just have different shapes :grin:

    But if you do everything allright it just slow more and more your game and texture loading. Depends on your hardware, without newest hardware don't really try it coz you would waste your time if you want play it in high+ resolution (if you are ok with low/normal, you can do it even without newest hardware components).

    Advice that I can give you to prevent slow game at least a bit, is don't use highpoly models for traffic vehicles. Set up all highpoly vehicles to don't spawn in traffic or don't spawn more than 1-2 at the same time. if you use 15MB model for traffic and it spawn 5-10 of them at the same time on the map your map textures could stuck and be blur or may load after 2-3 minutes of staying on the place and doin' nothing.


    @ArmaniAdnr if the vehicles are really big file size with no LODs/ high poly count it's going to crash the game regardless

  • @Reacon yep you're right, but if he use full working models with LODs or if he really want use any model with no LOD coz he like it and there is no other model of that car, he should aswell set it up to don't spawn in traffic and should be ok then.

    So yes @bernalyggim also take care what mod are you using and test every base game assets including LODs, seats of passengers etc. Even attached trailers can cause crash. If you keep attached trailers in vehicle which you replaced with car not supporting trailers and it's spawning in traffic, first till you have a bit mods it just explode or make weird things in the traffic, later it cause crash. SO as I told every aspect of meta files have to be done right.

  • Thank you so much guys!!!

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