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Forced vehicle_hi.yft loading ?

  • I'm wondering if there is any way to force loading of vehicle_hi.yft file.

    As we know game load first vehicle.yft and then vehicle_hi.yft. Many highpoly mods are made the way that vehicle.yft have all basic assets but don't have interior, engine and other textures, on other hand vehicle_hi.yft have all textures but don't have basic assets as breakable glass.

    Problem is when using too much mods it take game from 30sec to 2 minutes to load vehicle_hi.yft of models like that. I tryed copy vehicle_hi.yft, rename it to vehicle.yft and use that same file for both vehicle.yft and vehicle_hi.yft but as I metioned there is no basic assets so vehicle don't have for example breakable glass.

    The problem of loading is for sure not in size of the file coz after tryin' this method the game load it immediatly w/o any problem but as I told, no breakable glass for me.

    Tryed replace all vehicle_hi.yft of that testing model and also defragment the files and it doesn't help, the game still need a bit more time to load it. So that's what I'm talking & thinkin' about, if there is possible anything like force loading vehicle_hi.yft files :thinking:

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