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Are there any tutorials for creating wheel packs?

  • Hi, I want to learn how to create my own wheel packs since I can't find any that has what I want.

    But I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I made an attempt with replacing a .ydr with the wheel I wanted + adding the textures it used to the vehshare.ytd file that was inside that wheelpack, but the wheel is invisisble in-game.

    Are there any tutorials for this, or anyone willing to help without being an ass in the process? lol



    it's not that hard, I suggest you first use ganjahouse's add-on wheel pack
    examine closely how it is set up inside in content.xml, the rpf, carcols.meta and the global.gxt2 in the lang folder (that holds the ingame names)
    then first try adding a single add-in wheel like the ones from PRIDE, kaiko88, Twatchai to that dlcpack
    and go from there

  • @ReNNie I have looked at them, but I'm still a bit unsure if I understand this correctly. Seems like there is a decent portion of this process that is not explained.

    Where does the textures go? Some wheelpacks had a file with textures inside, while others didn't.

    And what creates these codes in the global.gxt2? 0xF268CDCF

    How do you make sure the scale of the 3D model is correct in-game? Just keep trying untill it's correct?

    Like I said, I tried to just replace an existing wheel in a pack, put textures for it inside the file with textures, but in-game it was invisible.

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