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Mods that completely change GTA 5 like graphic, building, and new design mods

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    can some people name mods that completely change gta 5 like graphic mods building mods new design mods anything to make gta 5 a different feel


    @MaxxyThePlug there’s lots of different graphic mods on this site. i recommend “natural vision remastered” and you should explore some reshade/ENB presets too.

    for buildings, take a look at “Real California Architecture” as that changes the maze bank building among others to their real life counterparts

    i would link the mods but i’m on my phone and can’t be a**ed making new tabs to get the links

  • @Reacon said in Mods that completely change GTA 5 like graphic, building, and new design mods:

    natural vision remastered

    It seems that he hasn´t the time anymore to update it, it is nearly a year old and it seems that the problems are getting bigger and bigger, such as time that freezes (Always day, Always Sunny, never a Night Day). It would be great if there is a possibility for someone to take that mod over and update it regulary, even answering by problems. And it seems that it won´t work fine with a modded game, either, seems to be vanilla to work perfectly...


    @Deathmatic update dropping next month and it's a biggie, still works perfectly fine for me

  • @Deathmatic Wrong. NVR has an update coming next month or later, it's not dead. And it's perfect now as i seen screenshots from people beta testing.
    So yeah OP, i recommand:
    and you should wait for Slick's GTA Extended mod, adds lots of interiors and that.
    Also probably, TheSlimBenz (me)'s GTA replacemenet car pack. More info about it you can PM me.

  • @Deathmatic it'sworking for me perfect
    @MaxxyThePlug as @Reacon wrote here are the links

    Natural Vision Remastered

    Real California Architecture
    LA Billboards

    These are some of bases like you have to have it (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr @Lil-Slim-C

    Chill, Chill :D I didn´t know that, seems to be "on hold" so i thought that it´s like the most other, great mods... getting dropped... Great that this isn´t the case, already downloaded it and going to install it these days :D

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    For Update: Real California Architecture isn´t working, game crashes while loading so: thanks but no thanks :D

    Now trying for that Billboards thing but i don´t get my hopes up that it will be working :D

    After that... no, i think that Malibu thing is something i can let it slide, should be the same like that RCA Mod^^ (Update: Wouldn´t want to search WHERE to put the file, don´t like "search the files" to replace it so therefore: Wouldn´t even want to test it^^)

    Last edit: Project Revive... Wouldn´t want to touch it. I know it is time and Money someone spends in there but the Effect is nearly nothing without that Patreon content and I´m not rich enough to be able to buy it. So i won´t recommend it.

  • @Deathmatic no offense but I think you should read some tutorials how to use mods or I don't know what are you doin' but RCA aswell work very well I'm using it even with tons of other mods and have no problem lmao :laughing:
    LA billboards the same, using it and it works perfect, its most just textures so no reason for crashing.

  • @ArmaniAdnr If I wouldn´t know how to mod, my game wouldn´t be as modded as it is, now. I´ve tried it, but as it loads the SP game, the game crashes.

  • @Deathmatic have you tried using different gameconfigs yet?

  • @Deathmatic did you install it by OIV or manual?

  • @TRDOffroad97 different? I haven´t used the Gameconfig file even once (For this mod), isn´t even in the installation guid...

    @ArmaniAdnr Manual, i mean... it isn´t difficult at all, taking that folder, save it through OpenIV in dlcpacks, go back to common/data and Editing the dlclist file, which I´ve been Editing a lot lately through Addon cars, mostly. I´ve been replacing very bad car-mods for now. It´s laughable: Everytime i´m closing that game through my keyboard, it says to run it in safe mode. Everytime i´m closing the game through my PS4 Controller, it is closing normally, like it should. Can´t say what´s wrong. I´m trying it again with RCA.

  • @Deathmatic I have issue from basic used mods (may be aswell RCA) that after mission my game turn off without error and ask me to run safe mod. But only after missions, so kind of glitch that after missions it don't know load open world again. But no crash during normal loading of story mod, is this glitch what did you mean or your game was crashing every time when you tryed to start it?

  • @ArmaniAdnr No, more like...

    I´m starting the game (Without RCA mod), testing, for example, a new implemented mod for about 20 Minutes (Mostly, the Mods crashed the Games way before the 20 Minutes mark and after implementing, i´m playing about 2-3 hours without any Problem). After I´m finished, everytime i´m closing the Game with the Keyboard, it says "restart" or "Safe mode" (I´m always canceling that window). But i´ve NOT A SINGLE Problem Ingame, only a few Graphic Problems which I hadn´t before.

    I´m using Southern San Andreas Exotic Traffic V21 - Diamond Casino & Resort update for all Cars to Spawn on Traffic and in SP. But after a few Mods, a few cars of those who are implemented got a HEAVY Graphic Problem, like everytime i´m moving with a car or by walking, that car gets another color, it even has some samples on it, even tough they are originally Black, white, blue or something, without a scratch of a sample, so i think that this ist ONE of those who won´t end my Game correctly. As long as i don´t know the Problem, i´m taking the .ini file of that mod above and delete the files which spawns those car on the Street. But it seems that it is getting out of hands, deleted at least 4-5 cars and I can´t find the reason. And i think it will take me at least a full day to save everything that is modded up until now and to set it back to normal. All the hard work to make that game at least a little bit more funny and playable and now that. It´s not like i don´t want the RCA File... But everytime i´m playcing the rca folder into dlcpacks and change the dlclist like i should (And like I did with my Add-on Cars), the Game is Crashing before i´ve got the chance to get into SP, about three quarters after it loads the SP Mode, it crashes.

    PS: Starting a own Post, don´t want to Spam :D

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