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dont understand how to instal mods need help

  • Hi i have looked at several videos on how to install cars and stuff for gta 5 but i still dont get it its very confusing for me as i have lda=learing disable adult.
    im feeling frustrated that i cant do it and i was wondering if somebody could maybe help me and walk me through it to instal some stuff? any help would be appreciated.


    felt the same when I started out in 2016 even having years of IV modding behind me, so you're not alone

    important thing would be to take it step by step and not get too frustrated I guess

    what would have your first interest, Graphics or Vehicles or Gameplay?

    Are you also experiencing reading problems or just learning in general?
    I'm asking because those YouTube videos go soooo fast its hard to grasp anything

    We also have some written guides on how to like ikt's Quick Guide to modding V »

  • hi i would like to instal vehicles first then eventualy other stuff could you help me?


    @NateMan74 it tells you step by step in that topic linked above


    @NateMan74 said in dont understand how to instal mods need help:

    could you help me?

    first up:

    Download and install the latest Script Hook V. Alsways re-do this step after a R* update is pushed.
    Download and install Community Script Hook V .NET and copy the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi and ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll in the main game folder


    1. Install OpenIV and its files, this will ensure you can use a mods folder
      see, all files modded/altered, go into that mods folder leaving the games original (vanilla) files intact

    2. Using OpenIV you are going to use an edited gameconfig.xml file that controls memory values
      so the game can hold more content, starting off with the vehicles

    3. download this 1972 Chevrolet Impala, follow the instructions in the archive
      and where it says update/update.rpf/common/data make sure you're editing the update.rpf archive that you first copy to the mods folder
      (because, once again, we do not mod files outside the mods folder), so mods/update/update.rpf/common/data it should be

    4. To actually drive the vehicle ingame, use Simple Trainer for GTA V
      download and place it into the game's root folder (where GTA5.exe is)
      and if all goes well, you'll be able to use the Trainer by pressing F4
      then go to the Vehicles section, select 'Spawn vehicle by name' and type impala72 and press Enter...

    Best of luck!

  • ok so do i need to make a whole copy of gta 5 files and put them in mods folder or what?


    you just copy the archives that need editing, starting with update.rpf

  • ok after i copy them where do i put them? idont wanna mess my game up.


    you copy GTA V\update\update.rpf to GTA V\mods\update\update.rpf

  • I made these videos to try to help get Nate going with modding. Tried to do them slowly and explain little things that aren't explained in other tutorials. Would love feedback from others as to the quality of them, I do know I made a few minor mistakes in some things I say, but nothing that will be an issue. I am planning to do more on the other things, next one will concentrate on custom_maps folder and map mods. For now I just wanted to get him started with the basics and add in one car he requested.

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