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Modify Vehicle handling meta issues

  • Hey guys,
    as per usual I am fairly new to modding. Not per usual I did actually google the piss out of my issue with no results. I am "manually" modifying the handling meta file by using openiv to export to desktop, using notepad to open and modify only adder speed from 160 to 220 (failed), then to 185(failed), then to 155(failed). I save, use openiv to replace the file, open it to ensure the new value is there. needless to say when i run the game it crashes. ive tried leaving openiv asi loaders in, out, to no avail. any help would be appreciated.

  • Use this, it will make your life much easier. I have no solution to why your game may be crashing though.

  • thanks for the response...problem with that is it requires script hook, which is waiting for update.


    SHV is updated.
    RTHandlingEditor is updated.

  • i see that, awesome and thanks

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