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Need help in "mp_f_freemode.ymt" file modifications.

  • Hi everyone, i know how to edit .ymt ped files, however when i edit "mp_f_freemode_01.ymt" (using metatoolkit), this disable high heels shoes elevation function, so i need help to re-enable high heel function. I already find this:0_1568155385818_Sans titre1.png

    0_1568155396194_Sans titre5.png

    As you can see in those pictures, i already found some parameters for mp_f_freemode_01's feet_000_r.ydd.

  • Edit: i didnt find a way to enable high heels using "mp_f_freemode_01.ymt" modifications method, but i think i find an alternative, i just need some time to test this more deeply, if someone need more details, contact me by message.

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