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[PLAYER] Arthur Morgan?

  • So, I know that there's already a few threads about this, but they're all months old and haven't had anything happen in them.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to port Arthur Morgan to GTA V yet? Er, rather, has anyone actually tried using his actual model I mean.


    Someone has already fully ripped his model from the game files, so (theoretically), all anyone has to do is rig his model up (and probably get his textures properly mapped.)

    I apologize if this thread is redundant, and I don't claim to know everything there is about modding or anything. I was just kinda hoping I could get the idea into someone's head to try porting this model to a ped model or something. I'd do it myself, but I have no clue how to rig things up or anything so, I thought I'd ask!

  • I can help you but i need to find free time

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