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Cops amount set up

  • Hello,

    I have modded the game to have a great realism and my last step is to set up the amount of cops in streets.
    With the Vanilla system, the town looks empty of cops so I've tried few mods to add cops in street but I feel the number too high (mostly because I use "Pull me over"}...
    I'm aware that "popcycle.dat" and "popgroups.ymt" are the main two files to tweak but I can only open "popcycle.dat" and don't really know how to set it up.

    If someone can give me a tip to be able to reach an average amount of cops between the vanilla system and the mods.

    Thank you in advance !

  • Try using those files from https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/cops-back-on-the-beat as examples. That's what I use to add more cops doing their job with vehicle and foot patrols in GTAV.


    Olanov's is a must have!
    Although I never figured out how to have the beat cops wear a sidearm in their holsters :S

    You can also add more vehicle models straight into popgroups.ymt itself to have additional police vehicles patrol around
    You need to decrypt the ymt via CodeWalker for that or use an already decrypted file

  • Thanks brothers for your help. I will try that.

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