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  • if this is the wrong forum or question has been asked i apologize.

    i have 2 instances of GTA V in my steam apps common folder, one clean (Grand Theft Auto V) one with mods ( Grand Theft Auto V Mods

    the question is how does it know which folder to recognize when i go to play. when i play steam is directed to the original Grand Theft Auto V folder so could i just remove Mod from the Mod folder name and alter the original folder name when i want to play with mods on single player or log into FiveM through social club and switch themback when i want to play online?

  • @mkultra You could just use a mods folder and rename dinput8.dll to keep it from loading mods. If you just want to do the 2 copies of the game method, then read a63nt-5m1th's posts toward the bottom, he explains how to do it. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/23898/cant-get-mod-menu-to-work

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