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Game does no more load ASI?

  • Hey Friends!
    So finaly i got the latest hook script working today but now my ASI do not load anymore
    and i mean all of them i got, plate ASI, Turn Signals ASI, Menyoo ASI and aswell the included NATIVE TRAINER
    none of them are avaiable in the game.

    What i've done yet:

    Uninstall and install again the asi loader via OPENIV

    downloaded an older version and replaced the dinput8.dll

    thanks for help!

  • @Tobiii If you have the bikers update, update your Script Hook V. The latest version is available now.

  • thats what i've excatly done, i've the bikers update and i updated to the lates script hook version.
    i can join the game as before but i can't use any ASI stuff. (it feels like the game is not loading any ASI stuff)

  • @Tobiii They're probably not supported for the latest version at the moment, wait for a few days.

  • @Tobiii said:

    downloaded an older version and replaced the dinput8.dll

    You don't need two asi loaders, just use the dinput8.dll from scripthookV mod.

  • i don't use two. i just took the one which was in the latest Script Hook Update
    after i saw that this one is not working i went to use just an older version.

    however it makes me wonder that Alex would release a Native Trailer ASI in the latest Script Hook Update which is not comparable?

    and if it works at other users here around it seems to be a problem at myself.

  • i've done all again and somehow now it works.

    Thanks for help, and thanks to Alex, if i was gay i would marry you.

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