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Carvariations.meta for police 3

  • Dear community,

    I have the latest game version of GTA 5 (steam).

    I'm having an issue trying to find the carvariations.meta file of police3 car (Interceptor).
    First I went into < update/x64/dlppacks/mpluxe/dlc/common/data >, found the carvariations.meta file but no police3 inside.
    So then I just checked one by one all dlc packs, every carvariations.meta I found but still nothing..

    Does someone know where I could find this file ?

  • @FryTHF every vehicle which have model located in x64e.rpf, are using carcols.ymt and carvariations.ymt. Search for this and you should find both files.

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