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Fitting model to the mission animations

  • Somebody may know I was making post about editing animation, to fit the models. As the answer was it's not possible to edit animations I'm now tryin' to edit unlocked models to fit the animations.

    Working on Chevy Express which almost fit the animation. The body of van is just a bit low during animation - testing on 'The jewel store job' mission. So when Michael is leaving the van during animation his helmet is a bit going thru the roof of the van. I thought that I might just move whole van on Y axle a bit up and it would fit. But I just find out it's not the problem & solution.

    Does anyone experiences with this and know what should I do to make van fit animation? Or at least if you have any tips what yout think it could be, please share it (:

  • So if anyone would like to help me find this out I'm adding new info from my testing and research.

    • Moving whole model up to the exact same position as the vanilla burrito3 didn't helped - so animation have some own positions for where the vehicle would be placed
    • Moving seats point in model didn't helped - so animation have own points where players would seat during animation even if it would be outside of vehicle
    • Changing all Y values in vehicles.meta didn't helped - so animation positions arenot related to meta files
    • At the points the players head is too much up, I tryed put his seat a much lower, didn't help - so animation is not related to traffic infos, but have own data

    So this means animation have own positions for placing vehicle and aswell peds/players. But even if I put the vehicle or seats to the same exact position as vanilla ones, it's still glitched. So third way should be settings in meta files but any Y value nor cover bound offset are not fixing this. This make no sense for me and I'm out of ideas where and how it could be setted up. I can't stop think about it as it's like magic which I can't find the answer for "HOW" :grin:

  • hello, im really interested in helping you figure out how to do it as i have been searching for a way to do it but i never managed to figure it out. send me a dm if you're interested in collaborating.

  • You can XML edit animations now.

    Offsets is probably one of the easier parameters to edit.

    Come to the Codewalker discord if you want to experiment with this

  • @grateful_for_mods you wasn"t on discord long time mate lmao, send me invite to the server please. You got me on discord (:

  • yes of course

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