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[SCRIPT] ISO Sequential taillights / blinkers.

  • iso = in search of.
    im willing too donate 20 bucks or so to whoever can make this happen for brakelights and blinkers.

    links too what sequential lights look like upon activation

  • I've asked this feature in the past from a scripter ( I think it was @ikt ) and he said it would be too difficult.

    I wanted to do the audi sequential blinkers, which is almost the same as what you are asking, except yours have 3 parts while modern cars with this probably have like 20 smaller ones.

    Anyway I'll add another 20$.


    Proof of Concept is out there.
    Now we need someone to implement it.

    //edit :thumbsup_tone2: x1000

  • Well if LeeC is reading this, join us on on the 5mods discord channel (no client needed, just visit the website) so we can figure out the best way to tackle this!

    • extra's
      if each indicator needs 20 extra's, then this is not possible (only ~15 extra's per car)

    • bodymods
      would be possible, however not sure how a script can show / hide a bodymod. Would the bodymod need to be configured in carcols.meta like a normal bodymod (because it requires a bone to know it's position)?

    • liveries
      If you mean ingame liveries then using this option means you can't use normal liveries anymore on the car.
      If you mean textures that are just present in the ytd file, and you can change the texture of an object with a script, it would be a great option.

    I guess a ini file would look a bit like this below.

    (I've added AutoDisableTaillights because if that is possible we could actually use this script for cars not even designed for this script. All it has to do is to turn off the taillights (not remove or hide the object) during the indicator sequence)

    • <modelName>
      unique, same as vehicle.meta

    • <indicator_lf>
      Disable object: xxx (hide daytime running light during indicator_lf active)
      StartTimer: 0 (0 = starting to blink and 100 = 1 ms before the next blinkcycle, both of original indicator)
      EndTimer: 70 (0 = starting to blink and 100 = 1 ms before the next blinkcycle, both of original indicator)
      FullyOnTimer: 15 (So it will start at 0, run the sequence until 70, and stay fully lid for 15, before turning off for 15 and starting up again)
      Show lf_1: indicator_lf_1 (show first part of indicator lighting up, name is of the bodymod)
      Show lf_2: indicator_lf_2 (show second part of indicator lighting up, name is of the bodymod)
      ... add up to 20 rows. script should just check how many entries per indicator and works out how fast it will show each (depending on what values are set at the timers above.

    • <indicator_rf>
      Disable object: xxx (hide daytime running light during indicator_rf active)
      Timers (as show above)
      Show rf_1: indicator_rf_1 (same as above)

    • <indicator_rr>
      Disable object: taillight_r (hide right taillight during indicator_rr active)
      Timers (as show above)
      AutoDisableTaillights: true (optional, but if a script can turn off taillights (vertices light id 4) without removing the taillight_r object - even better)

    • <indicator_lr>
      Disable object: taillight_l (hide left taillight during indicator_rr active)
      Timers (as show above)
      AutoDisableTaillights: true (optional, but if a script can turn off taillights (vertices light id 3) without removing the taillight_l object - even better)

  • This idea already exists under the name ELS (emergency light system), so can be used to create these desired light esequence effects but the vehicle needs to be edited to add the extra components (ELS works with a base light model without emissive and a model as extra component emissive handled by script to be hidden and shown). So just contact a vehicle modder with ELS knowledge to edit you desired car and is done the thing.

  • @MetaGTA Yeah no, the user should not have to use a ELS menu to control it, it should be automatically so traffic will have the same features when AI uses an indicator.

    However if the source code is available, that might be useful.


    Not sure how ELS does it, does it also just toggle some extras?

  • @ikt looking at the readme, yes extra's 1 - 12 are used. So using extra's you could do 4 on each indicator or when only using rear ones 8 parts per rear indicator.

    Still don't understand why they used extra's and not just misc_x, since there are way more of those. Maybe you can't control those as easy with a script...

  • Yeah @ikt ELS works in that simple way with features to create your own light sequences to be saved and loaded for each compatible vehicle.
    @tk0wnz that is true, ELS is a manual light system, add an automated lights behavior feature in script doesn't look difficult, I'm a not expert scripter in GTA V but the function to get vehicle components and manipulate them gives us many possibilities.


    Then there's nothing wrong with just using extras and let LeeC's script control them?

  • @ikt sure, but limited to 12 means only 3 for each indicator. Although it would be better then nothing, it's not close to the real thing.


    You would need to find 4 link items to attach them to, that aren't commonly used, one for each light. Then you would need an empty tuning part for "Off" and then one for each state of the indicator.

    I can make this. Will take me some time though and it will also mean you can't break the lights anymore, since the glass on top of the indicator (usually covering everything from reverselight to taillight) will have to be in the bodymod too.

    However, what do you mean with 4 link items?
    And why an empty tuning part? Can't the script simply switch the tuning part on/off?
    And would each state mean 1, 2, 3, 4 or 1, 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4?

    Anyhow, I've made a concept car which has rear indicators as extra parts (8 pieces).

    extra1-4 is left indicator
    extra 5,7,8,ten is right indicator (6,9 didn't work, dunno zmod prolly)

  • @tk0wnz I've requested that 2 years ago to a modder that did similar stuff on gta 4 (for an A7 but not yours), he gave it a try for some time and gave up (mostly because he was more into gta 4 modding tools), been offline for 110 days on steam, if he comes back i'll ask if he can share some info.

  • ill add another 20 bucks if someone can script it too work with any car.


    @Nastycat101 great, looking forward to you sharing it

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