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Never wanted with mods

  • Hey guys, I'm new here so I don't really know how to start this off, but recently I have been playing Vanilla GTA V (to complete the story) and when I came back I'm never getting any wanted rating, I'm using Menyoo and Enhanced Native Trainer and both of them have Never Wanted off, when I try to force my wanted level up it automatically jumps down to 0, could someone please help me?

    TL:DR: Wanted level never changes


    what scripts you using

  • @Manaketi List yer mods, or just really check every mod that has .ini for never wanted. I had this issue and if i remember correctly, for me it ended up being Grand Theft Space that also had a never wanted setting that was on by default, probably so the cops don't ... well, I'll not spoil what they might respond to if you (or anyone else) hasn't tried that mod, though I recommend you do, it's pretty cool.

  • @chonkie turns out it was GTS that caused the problem, thank you and sorry for a late response.

  • @Manaketi Glad to see you got it solved.

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