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Mods I've been looking for

  • Hello!

    So, I've been looking for the following mods; no ideia if they already exist, couldn't find anything similar with the search tool. If they do, please, point me out to them. If not, I hereby leave here my humble request :smiley:

    1º) An updated or revamped version of this Unknown Modder's mod:
    One that works with the latest patch, I so dislike to having to spawn MP vehicles!

    2º) Mod that permanently disables the stunt jump camera. (I know I can do that by pointing a weapon, but I'd rather not)

    3º) Mod that adds the "left shoulder" camera. All the 3rd person cameras only focus on the character's right shoulder. If you're strafing to the left while in front of an object you're kind of blind.

    That's it. Thanks for reading folks. I appreciate any insight.

  • @TheSith for the third one, this may be helpfull, I'm not using it so don't know details, but seems to fit what you need

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    Thank you so much! Yes, that was indeed what I meant at 3, but I wasn't able to find anything of the sort. Unfortunately the mod didn't work properly (just tested). But maybe the author might be able to help me with that. Anyway, thanks for pointing me in that direction.


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