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The mods on the site are completely useless!

  • Why do you bother making mods that don't work? I downloaded "5b79d8-69 Charger by tk0wnz v1.1b" and "98e03b-CRAWLER", followed their add-on instructions to the letter and yet they're nowhere to be found in the car spawner list.
    Only wasted my time with this BS!!! alt text

    Don't bother replying, I'll restore the original files x64[letter] and get the game to its original state.

  • They won't automatically be in the car spawner list unless you're using ikt's addon car spawner mod. If you're using something like Simple Trainer you'll have to add the model name to the settings file.

  • @rado84 I just now read this post, decided to just now download that 69 charger by tk0wnz, just installed that mod, just now spawned it, surprisingly it came out as the Dukes of Hazzard version on the first spawn. Works just fine if you actually have it installed correctly and other mods installed correctly as well. You have made a mistake somewhere along the line.

    alt text

  • @Jitnaught That is incorrect. I use Simple Native Trainer by sjaak and I never have to enter anything. Cars are always in the addon spawn menu. I just dropped the dlcpack, add the dlclist line, in this case added the texture files, loaded game and it's there. Every vehicle I have ever added has been that way for me with SNT.

    alt text

  • @chonkie Huh, the more you know.

  • @rado84 before you blame anyones mods, make sure you know use mods well lmao. Mods by tk0wnz are in as I call it priority category. His mods are working very well and if it have any bugs or anyting missing he write it and don't phase in people with descriptions.

  • Lad has created an account to write, like, two posts (three years apart) only to vent their frustration in the end...? :clap_tone2:

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