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drugs mod

  • I am not talking about a drug selling mod because there are already many that I am talking about a mod of using them as the user @NotCrunchyTaco created some mods so would be interesting heroin, cocaine, lsd, alcohol etc ...

    examples https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/weedv

  • @Thiago019 The alcohol is somewhere on this site. LSD shoudl be almost the same effect as ectasy I think, don't see what other effect you could use for this game and cocaine is not making any halucinations so it may be just as add to drunk mod that your drunk mod cancel after using cocain :shrug_tone3:

    You should write more details how you imagine it, what should be the effects to let potential creators see what you exactly want coz not everyone know what are effects of that drugs :D

  • @ArmaniAdnr For example, cannabis can let the game go into slow motion and return to normal, and this happens every 3 seconds (this is the real effect of cannabis, at least in Brazil). Lsd can have a screen fusion effect. the player while the heroine could knock him down and get up knock him down and get up knock him down and get up would also have solvents that would repeat the scenes and the lights would get strong (yes, some solvents we use in brazil do that)

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