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[SCRIPT] Emergency services improvements and ideas

  • Good day everyone, in this topic i invite all of you to post their ideas for scripts concerning Emergency services in GTA V. (Law enforcement, Fire department, Emergency medical services and all that i forgot.) I think that if we join our ideas in one topic, it will help express our common ideas, and help modders find inspiration.
    To begin, i will list my ideas, and hope the rest of you follow me on this path. Have a good day.
    -Emergency services looking around when called by player if it's a prank (just like in IV) instead of stopping for a few seconds and then drive away.
    -Emergency response when an NPC is dead inside a vehicle: Like a Fire engine responding, the guys get the person out of the vehicle and give cpr.
    -Firefighters wearing helmets when responding (they never do, which is weird) I've already made a topic concerning this but i think it better if i post it here.
    -Paramedics carrying emergency bags when responding ( maybe use the baggages found near the airport)
    -Police officers giving fines when spotting traffic felonies: some kind of pull over script that give you a fine, and 1 star if you run away
    -Coroner response without lspdfr
    -Paramedics taking away injured NPCs in ambulance
    -Police officers fighting unarmed wanted NPCs with nightstick instead of immediately use deadly force

    -Anything you guys suggest!

    PS: If this topic is posted in the releases and work in progress section instead of Requests, that's a bug and i'm sorry for this inconvenience.

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