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Everytime I install a Mod, The game crashes when I go into GTA singelplayer

  • So I am brand new on this forum, Wanna thanks everyone who reads this in advance. Soo the new rockstar launcher thingy just came, I had some issues getting the game to work but updates fixed it.

    Now to the mods issue

    So I tried installing Two mods
    Simcade Handling
    Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap

    I use Open IV to install them into the mods folder. I tried installing both mods and starting the game, Everytime I go into Singeplayer in the menu, then the game crashes after the load screen, I uninstalled both mods and then game was Playable, Tried again with only "Simcade Handling" installed and it crashed again, Same with "Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap". I haved installed Pack Limiter and HeapAdjuster 650mb version.

    I cant get these mods to work at all, Please Help :)
    Thanks :P :D


    install a gameconfig

  • I installed a gameconfig, But then scripthook wouldnt allow me to start beacause the verison didnt matchup with the new update, So I back Rolled the gta 5 update to a version that is supported by scriphook,
    When I launched, I got a ERR_GEN_ZLIB_2
    I tried vertify, but I end not getting the game to work,

    Can someone please help me install Simcade Handling??? I am Desperate and have been trying to find a solution for the past 3 days, I am going INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Saylens maybe you have corrupt game files.

    should be work.

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