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Dinput8.dll error.

  • So the other day i had to format my games drive, having common sense i backed up my modded folder to an external HDD,
    now the game has the new Rockstar launcher, i seem to get a constant blue circle of death.
    removing dinput8.dll seems to remedy this problem, but defeats the object of having mods in.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  • Im having the same issue since the new update (1.48). If I leave dinput8 in the game files, I get a failed error message on loading screen. When I remove dinput8, the game runs fine.
    I installed ragehook and asi support for ragehook, and I can use simple trainer but my mods in open iv is useless.


    dinput8.dll (the .asi loader) is never the issue.
    It is one (or multiple) of your installed mods causing this.

  • I am having a similar issue. I just recently reinstalled gtav and installed the rockstar launcher. At first I was able to run mods with no issue. Since the launcher updated I keep getting a script hook v error. It says unknown game version. When I load the game without mods in the lower right corner it says build 1737, online 1.48, but in gtav folder version says That version is not supported by script hook.

  • @JJMJ324 I dont know if it makes a difference but I have a hard copy of the game, not a digital copy.


    @JJMJ324 The current game version is 1.0.1737.6 which is not yet supported by SHV.

  • @Unknown-Modder thanks. Is there a way to downgrade the game or do I need to wait for the new scripthook?

  • @JJMJ324 Without a backup there is currently no way to downgrade. I´ve tryed it with another Launcher, exe. etc. from another user but offline playing isn´t possible because it seems that it corrupts your activasion or mods don´t work correctly how they should because it seems that this is a pirate copy and there are a few mods with a statement that they aren´t working on pirated versions (For example: Project revive, i´m seeing the roads without a problem but after getting near those rodes, they disappear and leaving the old roads behind... ). As long as you got no Steam Version, don´t know how but it seems to be possible to downgrade it through the stame Version... (But only the Steam version of course). If it´s not a Steam Version, waiting for an Scripthook Updated is the only solution

  • @Deathmatic ok, thanks.

  • @JJMJ324 There is, vie steam db console, https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/18253/how-to-download-old-exes-after-update-steam/27
    Ive updated SV butr still getting a launch failure, could be menyoo.

  • @Unknown-Modder Just removed Dinput8 and it launched properly.

  • @Turrel81 That is because dinput8.dll loads other mods. dinput8.dll itself isn't the problem, it is one (or more) of the mods it is loading.

    Try disabling some of your mods to find which one is the problem. If you're using the mods folder, rename OpenIV.asi to something like OpenIV.asi.disabled. To disable Menyoo rename Menyoo.asi to Menyoo.asi.disabled. You can do the same for any other mods too, just change the extension, then change back to re-enable.

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