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How do you launch older versions of GTA5 (offline) using the new launcher?

  • I maintain two game folders, one for the current version of GTA5 and the other is an older version that is heavily modded and when I wanna play the older version I just rename the folder Grand Theft Auto V, disconnect from the internet, launch and then I can play offline using mods. Since the new launcher was installed I'm clueless how to launch the old version of the game the way I've been doing the past few years now. Can this still be done or did RockStar somehow eliminate this ability with their new launcher? I never play online and the only time I connect to their servers is to satisfy RockStar's ridiculous requirement to connect every now and then, even though I ONLY play offline in story mode.


    as far as everyone knows, they removed that ability



    1.- If your game folder is not updated yet and you have SC/Retail version, create a backup somewhere else (in a random path where you have some/enough free space). If you already have a backup, skip this step.
    2.- Download and install the Unknown Modder Launcher Bypass mod (available in 5Mods) in your backup copy.
    3.- Start the game with the GTA5.exe file from your backup folder. Don't use any other executable, only this one.
    4.- Done. Your old and modded game copy should start as usual. Don't forget to don't cover yourself in walls, vehicles and/or props in-game because otherwise your game will crash. This is just a bug that happens when using the mentioned Launcher Bypass.

    I do this myself and I can play with all my mods while I wait for a new SHV update.

  • @Reacon said in How do you launch older versions of GTA5 (offline) using the new launcher?:

    as far as everyone knows, they removed that ability

    Ironically, that's precisely what they fixed with this update:

    "The bug preventing GTA 5 from being playable offline has been fixed"

  • @Reyser Thank you. Yes, I do have numerous versions of the game backed up in-full and will download UM's Launcher Bypass and give it a go. I've seen Launcher Bypass on the site before but for some reason thought it was merely used to load the game more quickly and since mine already loads pretty fast I never bothered with it but I'll give it a try. Thank you again, Reyser.

  • Alternatively, you can try the following. I've been doing this for almost a year now:


    Do take a note however, that you would probably want to use the SC launcher version 1.1604.0 or earlier, as I heard the new SC launcher kind of "prevents" the game from being not up to date? :confused:

    Anyway, this is what worked, and still works, for me.

  • what if you uninstall the launcher and go back to what you did? This is the reason I still havent downloaded it personally.
    Why and what does the launcher offer (asking informatively)?

  • @xJTxD0notPaN1C That was the first thing I tried but it didn't work. It's working now though since installing the Launcher Bypass that Reyser suggested. I don't know what benefit the new RockStar launcher provides, and I didn't even know it had been installed until I started up the game a couple days ago... or rather, tried to start it.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Just read the link you provided and it's very interesting. Never knew "cancelling" the download the way it suggests would suffice as a good RockStar "authentication". I have EVERYTHING backed up so I'll have to give that a try because there's nothing to lose. In the meantime, I got an older version up and running using the Bypass Launcher Reyser mentioned in his post. Thanks for the link though. I'm gonna try that method too.

  • @RanditoCarlito No is only the problem: How do I or folks like me, get into the Offline SP? And HOW are we able to downgrade that game to use ScripthookV? I´ve downloaded GTA 5 through Social Club so no Steam Tutorials are working for me, obviously.


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