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Add the ability to delete your own mod?

  • I Imagine this question has been asked multiple times but this is my first time using this sites forums.

    Noticed a lot of posts being renamed to "-" and the pictures and videos for the mod being removed as to say they don't want the mod to be published anymore.


    I feel as though a lot of people would like this to be an option. Thanks.

  • @dakumachi well that actually really pisses me off... Most people understand to report their files if they want it deleted, not spam the site with junk like this. Thanks for letting me know, they have all been removed now. I'll look into a "request deletion" feature, as I would prefer to control the actual final deletion.

  • @rappo Okay, thank you.

  • @dakumachi @rappo

    I have never ever seen this before Lmao.

    Why are people so disrespectfull with the website?
    We can use this for free. With a nice rappo and a nice admin,
    very nice people ( most of them )
    and then they act like this.

    Report a file if you do not like it.

    @rappo if you like to control it don't add a delete button.
    We can wait :D

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