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How to change the category of add-on wheels?

  • I have few add-on wheel pack but the author put them in "sport" section and i want to change them to the "tuner" section, what can i do?


    You put them in the Tuner section

  • @ReNNie sorry, it's an add-on wheel pack, i should describe more clearly. I know how to change from "sport" section to "tuner" section in replace mode



    When you open the dlcpack with the rims, extract the carcols.meta file, drag it to your desktop or something

    Open it.

    The wheels you want to change are now under VWT_SPORTS, you'll want to place them under VWT_TUNER category

    Make sure to cope all lines of the wheel item. So check, it starts with <Item> and ends 4 or 5 lines later with </Item>

    With OpenIV in edit mode, drag the edited carcols.meta back in.

  • @ReNNie I did the exact same thing but the wheels are still under sport section

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