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  • I'm just getting the hang of modding and while downloading models in the comments I'll see folks going neck and neck about els or non els and I was just wondering what really is the difference between the two? Is it basically just the controlling of the lights and having more accessibility to lights, sirens, and horns? I tried searching the history and didn't see much pertaining to this, Thanks for your response in advance.

  • @marcustyler91 that's exactly it. ELS vehicles are using script which allow you have more different lights to choose ingame and the same with sound. It's nice function but the models have to support it, you can't use default sirens for it. And it take a lot of keys on your keyboard coz of huge options which is from one hand perfect.

    But that script is not available on this site (I don't know reason), you need to download it on lcpdfr site.

  • NON-ELS is better. Nothing else to say.

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