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GTA V using 3D tires tread?

  • I've played GTA 5 since 2013 when it released and something has been bugging me, especially now that I have it on PC and can install and hopefully learn to mod for it, why do all the vehicles wheels have tires with no tread? I've converted some of the mods and even the in game vehicles over to obj format and every single one of them have wheels that are flat or smooth, there isn't a single tread on the actual model itself, and if you look close enough you can see it in the game. Does anyone know the answer? Along with that question something I've wondered is has anyone ever tried to put wheels on with actual tread on the tires, if so what happened?! (http://www.mediafire.com/file/5slw7008imrund8/Annotation_2019-09-22_031136.png/file) (http://www.mediafire.com/file/tc3gr9xje7868cu/Annotation_2019-09-22_031258.png/file)

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  • @ZenMaster36 I can't think of a vanilla or addon vehicle that doesn't have tread on the tires. Unless it's a race car that is supposed to have slicks.

    It's probably a texture thing in the program you're using. Neither of your pics has a texture showing. You're just seeing the base shell of the tire. The offroad tire has the tread pattern you can see since it is a large and bumpy tread pattern. An onroad car tire doesn't have the tread pattern in the base because it doesn't need anything since the tread isn't deep. The tread grooves don't really have to be there in the shell, just in the texture that shows.

  • As with every other game with cars, GTA uses normal maps.
    When the profile get's too big, they put it in the model. Just look at the Rebel for instance.

  • @ZenMaster36 0_1569166948824_Grand Theft Auto V 9_22_2019 5_31_48 PM.jpg

    as @tk0wnz mentioned here is photo of rebel tires, you can see there is a tread on it :thinking:

  • @tk0wnz Not quite every other game with cars, Farming Simulator uses actual tread, I know cause I mod for Farm Sim! and with the rebel yeah i'll give it that it does have "tread" but that's just bumps in the mesh that makes up the tire, it isn't actual tread in the model though, like in the screenshots I linked lol.

    @ArmaniAdnr it isn't actual realistic tire tread though, its just spaced ridges in the mesh, like swamp buggy tires, there isn't a single tire on a vehicle I know of within a 200 miles of where I live that has tread anything like that! if you look at the screenshots I linked you can see the massive difference in what I mean by "tread"!

    @chonkie yeah it has tread but its just an image on a smooth surface, the tread isn't modeled into the tire, look at the difference in GTA and Farm Sim, GTA uses smooth round mesh where Farm Sim uses actual tread! Maybe I'm just weird, and a stickler for detail but that doesn't answer my question really, of why doesn't it uses actual modeled tread over an image wrapped around a smooth tube lol

  • @ZenMaster36 The answer is poly count, games need to keep it low to keep the performance up.
    No point in adding a thread when you can solve it with a normal maps.

    Even the latest Forza / the Crew / assetto corsa use them.

    And Farming simulater? You can't compare farming vehicles with sports cars.


    Aren't there several add-on rims from Bayan and Ganjahouse with 3D thread and a couple of Jeep Wranglers too I believe

    Is carface80's latest Gladiator '65 using 3D threads?

    But tkownz' remark on polycount is dead on

  • @tk0wnz yeah but 3d tread looks better and not really, yeah it reduces performance but not as much as youd think, and farming vemicles in farming simulator, where have you been man? No one uses farm vehicles (http://www.mediafire.com/view/j9wj29g2l17lngl/Annotation_2019-09-22_233649.png/file) (http://www.mediafire.com/view/jstey6sb6cgtbgo/lamborghini-aventador-lp-750.jpg/file)

    @ReNNie I haven't seen those mods, anywhere, looking on here for wheel packs turns up mods that break the game for me!

  • @ZenMaster36 I agree with you when we speaking about farming machines or any utility work vehicles that there could be higher tread on it but as @tk0wnz wrote, you can't compare sport cars with farming vehicles. Sport cars are using low profile tires in real life so I think it's ok to keep sport models just with texture.

    But as we know most modders work on sport cars or classic cars, not many people focus on vehicles as farming ones or utility one so there is no one so good and focused on it to make high poly tractor for example. So that's only problem I think.

    Speaking about offroad vehicles I agree totally with @ReNNie , here you can see example of 2 wranglers that I'm using, I think it have enough tread for offroad vehicle, of coars would be not enough if that wouldbe some tractor or anything like that.

    0_1569239790774_Grand Theft Auto V 9_23_2019 1_50_50 PM.jpg

    0_1569239783016_Grand Theft Auto V 9_23_2019 1_51_51 PM.jpg

  • @ArmaniAdnr what does the bare mesh of those tires look like though lmao and its not a question of why they use pictures, its a question of why don't they use treaded tires cause that looks better lol it cant have that much of an effect that its not a better choice to use actual treaded tires lol on any vehicles, the vast majority doesn't though lmao

  • @ZenMaster36 Since you're just concerned with why did they do it the way they did instead of this other way, then the answer is simple, ask Rockstar since they are the ones that made their game this way.

  • @chonkie because Rockstar isn't making the mods are they? LOL I know why Rockstar didn't do it, I was merely asking for the modders input on why most of them don't! Can't Re-Evolutionize something if you aren't willing to do something different then others!

  • Because 3d treads require a looot of polies and look very bad with ingame, with the ao and shadows being what they are.

  • you can use any tires Car any tires you want on this car

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