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No more offline...

  • Anyone else here was using method to just disconnect internet to be able play without need to update the game? Today social club ask me to connect internet and don't want start game offline. Just pusing me to update :eyes: just wondering wtf is that and if it's local or I jsut messed up anything lmao

  • @Jitnaught 0_1569165106592_Untitled.jpg
    usig gta5.exe skipped the social club but after few second of happinies this kicked me down :grimacing:

  • But it now works with connected internet. @Jitnaught I owe you a caffee lol :pray_tone3:
    Seems that they just have some new protection against the pirated versions to don't alow you play without verifying activation of legal GTA :thinking:

  • @NpK-Studios yep latest SH from July

  • @ArmaniAdnr - That's correct. Launcher Bypass does work, but only if the Internet connection is on. Nothing, however, will update without your consent. Which is good. :slight_smile:

    I just wonder if there is anything like this working for the Rage Plugin Hook. As it launches differently, I'm not sure if this can be applied too.

  • I can play offline.

    I'm use R* social club launcher just for login, after login got error social club launcher, than close it, open gtav using launcher bypass and you can turn of internet and play offline... it's more fast loading play offline than online... don't forget to use GTAV version 1.0.1737.0 for scripthookv compatibility, it's just work for me. The main advantage using bypass launcher is the game load more fast when loading MP Map.

    Do same again if you restart or shutdown your PC.

  • The above would generally be correct (for now.)

    I was also able to run GTA through the regular Social Club Launcher but cancelled the update batch. Then restarted offline. No trouble at all.

    This however will work only if you haven't updated yet... Or so it seems.

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