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[vehicle] looking for a modder to convert a few cars or make certain cars

  • going to start with i will pay for your time using paypal ONLY

    Theres certain cars i would love to use that hasnt been done yet, I would like these to be addons not replacements please.. i will pay for your work of course, i dont care if you release them to the public or any of that. i will be adding to my server eventually. list below. like i said i will pay for someone to make these

    1974 celica gt. that u can get from froza
    1974 toyota corolla sr5 in forza
    1980-82 corolla sedan not in a game i know of
    1986 celica gts coupe not in a game i know of
    1989 mr2 sc in forza
    80ss s10

    good quality cars .. mostly car about interior and car body, lights ect being good quality, shoot me a message here and we will go from there.. paypal only

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