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My textures end up blurry on car

  • Hi all, first post. Long time modder but new to GTA modding and a bit rusty. I've scoured the site with search but can't find an answer to why my textures are being blurred on the car.

    OpenIV to view and export/import .dds files from the .ytd
    Photoshop with the Nvidia .dds plugin to edit and save .dds files

    I'm working on a police skin for a car and everything is going quite well except it's squishing the textures where they wrap around the rear bumper. {I'm not worried about the block placement} <for now. But need help with what I'm doing wrong to make it blur like that???



    Everything else on the vehicle seems usably sharp and clear. But the more I edit this one piece (trying to line up the checker pattern) the more blurry it gets. Any advice welcome. Thanks.


    bad UV mapping on the bottom part where part is stretched?

  • Right... I figured that might be the case when it didn't wrap neatly. But my early efforts were not fuzzy.. crooked yes.. but fuzzy no.. like this.
    alt text

    So all I did was keep trying to move the blocks around to minimize the visual impact and by the time I had them roughly where I wanted, I had fuzz.. At this point, if I could fix the fuzz I'd just use it as is.

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