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Updating GTA V with mods

  • Hi there,

    I have a trouble after installing latest update. I downloaded as well the newest scripthookv and copied scripthookv and dinput8 into my GTA folder. Now my game crashes when I load single player.

    Any solution? I need your help asap.

    Thanks up

  • You need to move the latest update.rpf to your mods folder!

  • @Oskar And what if I've changed some files like vehicles.meta etc. inside my update.rpf in my mods folder?

  • @Lonique you need to move all your modded files from old update.rpf to tge new update.rpf.

  • i have same problem, i downlaoded latest scripthook, turn on GTA-> Story mode and my game crashed. What now?, I have redux installed, it means that I have modded update.rpf file.. please help :(

  • @KubiiQ make sure your dlclist.xml & extratitleupdate.meta have the biker information in them. My game crashed on launch untill I changed those 2 files.

  • @Weirdoutworld OK i already found these files, in ORIGINAL DOWNLOADED update.rpf and in dlclist.xml are mentioned both from these files but in extratitleupdate.meta aren´t any of these files. what now?

  • @KubiiQ Take the extratitleupdate.meta from the new biker update.rpf & replace the one in your update.rpf.

    I just replaced the files in the new bikers update.rpf with my old modded update.rpf. side by side with 2 openIV windows.

    Thats really all I know. Hopefully somebody else can chime in to help ya.

  • Use left control + F3 to search for any file in an openIV window.

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