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Add on cars cause game to crash

  • After the new update I am trying to add in all my old add on cars I was using before the rockstar and script hook 5 update and now every time I log into story mode the game will crash. Any ideas? I tried reinstalling the cars instead of just putting the dlc list in and that didnt help. Please help.

  • install gameconfig, if still crash change vehicle model replacement, if still crash remove replacement model and use vanilla model.

    It's mean your pc can't handle large files replacement model to stream into the game or gameconfig setting limit the game configuration so can't load a lot of replacement model.

  • I am not using replace cars and I think my pc should be able to handle it. I have a 8 gb gtx1080
    48gb of ddr4 ram. Also I'm only trying to load in 2 cars at once.

  • @rednobel Firstly: He said Add-On, not Replacement. The are around 40-100MB but that´s lousy, every PC with a middle Spec Hardware could handle that.

    Secondly: His Hardware seems better than mine so there should be really NO Problem.

    @SINzHyPe Have you tried to Install those cars sepparately?

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