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Mods that add to the campaign?

  • Like the title says what are some mods that you can use while playing through the campaign that are worth it. Could there be a mod pack that encompasses all of these that's just an easy drag and drop solution?

  • Nope. It's up to you, there's too much out there.

    Personally , I like alternative gameplay ones.. so I use Weed V, AITG, Premium deluxe motorsport (to sell cars and the other to buy them), my own gameplay mod to get more realistic police, and then I'm playing alternate life for everyone where they start with a super shit car or none at all and sell drugs/cars/hitman for better one, while on drugs. But that's me, I'd recommend to look through the Misc/Script mods and see what appeals to you.

  • Enhanced taxi missions is a must have but don't forget to increase how much you get paid in the ini file. I love to do these as Franklin once I buy the taxi property, gives more purpose to the single player mode. Also the trucking missions mod. I use these as an alternative to make money cause i don't like to overexploit the stock market/assassination missions from Lester, makes the campaign a bit boring imo. Would like to know if there are others greats mods like this.

  • @Albercikus All In The Game mod bro! It can make it too easy, but then you can just set limits for yourself i.e. cannot sell cocaine or heroin, cannot sell to dealers, etc

  • Thanks a lot mate that's exactly the kind of mod i was looking for, SP feels less empty thanks to mods like this one.

    The properties feature on itself always seemed kinda half-assed to me. Don't get me wrong i love it just as much as i loved it in San Andreas and Vice City, but it dont give enough money in early and mid-game and we get only one mission per week. It's a shame that the "entrepreneur" aspect of the game was only fleshed out in the online mode. As a fan of the series i wonder what this game could have been if it wasn't for all this online hype bullshit lol, probably much more than what it is. Sorry if my english is kinda janky.

  • @Albercikus - Good mentions over there. I think one would also be pleased with Guadmaz's Paramedic and Vigilante missions (though LSPD:FR is infinitely more than the Vigilante mode :slight_smile:).

    And let's not forget Menyoo, which is a very powerful tool if you're into filming or directing. Much better than the original C* Editor which is useful only for basic roaming and shooting stuff.

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