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corrupt game data

  • https://gyazo.com/8ce5e3ac9b7a86c9a38dd0cfac6ee015
    I think it was after i installed add on car.

  • MIne corrupted after I installed a Lykan Hypersport as a replacement. The file itself made the whole computer to crash and eventually the game as well. To anyone reading this, make sure you back up your files before adding a mod or add on, I learnt this the hard way. And please, don't add the Lykan or else your game will corrupt.

  • @SpeedBandit It's not the car. I also don't see how a car mod causes corrupt data, All three Lykans work fine. You probably installed it wrong.

  • Banned

    Something in your mods folder is where it doesn't belong. The game sees that as corrupt data.

    I had this same problem, both because files were in the wrong place or files were missing (like when I deleted a bunch of folders from cutspeds.rpf and ig_streamedpeds.rpf).

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