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Please recommend a mod list for me. i want realistic mods

  • i want to the game to be as realistic as possible. for example realistic driving physics, gun damage. i want cops more realistic etc. and i probably want something i havent thought of as well. i was looking at the redux mod but it doesnt explain much about it. it doesnt seem to have realistic damage. and i cant tell whether the driving physics mod it uses is trying to make driving more realistic or just better. oh and i want a tachometer speedometer thingy. also i prefer to play in first person in both driving and shooting. any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    oh yeah not as important but it would be cool if i could do the driving parts of the game with a racing wheel and maybe i can shoot with the mouse then switch to mnk when on foot. but i dont know how to make that happen.



    will get you going to what's the best of the best
    you can always search 'realistic' and assess it yourself?

    My tip: start off with Natural Vision from razed

    Use handling by killatomate, not up to latest version tho, needs editing by you

    Selective fire by EnforcerZhukov
    Ripplers Realism for impact damage
    Gun recoil by Eddlm
    In fact all scripts by Eddlm, ikt, Jitnaught

    And then there's loads more

  • @ReNNie thanks bro. im not sure how to do the killatomate edit stuff though

  • @dr1ft3r87 Then don't.

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